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torstai 5. toukokuuta 2016

End of an era.

As you can see on my new photo something has happened,it's nothing dramatic,it's just that all my friends who I fishing with driving a Wilderness system kayak and they asked if I wanna join to them in a new their/our own team and after thinking about the whole thing and tried my friends new ATAK 140 I decided to go for it.( a wonderful ship)
This mean I'm jumping out from Jackson regional team but want to say it's nothing dramatic and I got no hard feelings against anybody from Jackson team,I just decided to go for something new here and this opportunity sounded good to me.
We are now six guys in the team,from one is  new member and we are just gonna continue what we have always done but from now on as a official team.
We gonna come with a new "team blog" and of course we are gonna be involved in social media too.
Will still update things on my own blog too and put links to a new blog as soon as we get started with everything.
Have a good feeling about this,stay tuned...

My newest battleship WS A.T.A.K 140 .

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