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tiistai 26. huhtikuuta 2016

Sunshine and hails.Fishing April 22-23 2016

Had a three day "off duty" mode on and of course I took some time to go out paddling and testing my Kilroy DT.
On Friday I was out for eleven hours and as I predicted fishing was slow,managed to land only four jacks so it became more testing new flies,new lines and also my new yak of course.
Weather was so cold I didn't enjoy any form of campfire either,only coffee and sandwiches for dinner.

Tried at least 40 flies,both big and small but fishing was slow,and a cold snowfall made me give up on catching anything for the day so gave more attention to adjust my seat for better tracking and also tried different paddle lengths.
Tracking when paddling against the wind became better when moved the seat maybe 15-20 cm forward,very annoying if you have to fix your direction all the time.
Tried paddle lengths between 240 and 250 cm but didn't find big differences in paddling.
Got a plan how lift the seat 5/10 cm which I think will do a big difference in both fishing and paddling,now banging the paddle in the kayak very often when paddling,and lifting my arms doesn't feel comfortable.
Not only complains,good things are that now when I have found a natural place for my gears the Kilroy feel very functional and handy,also i like the speed you can reach with it,and without too much effort.

Saturday morning was cold,in fact so cold that I decided to stay at home but afterward thinking it was nice of my friend to call me and he get me draggin my ass out fishing and when I arrived to the shore weather was warm with a warm light breeze,I knew that fishing would be slow but the good weather compensate that.

Started to fish 100 meter from shore and not long before my friend landed his first fish of the day.
My fishing was slow,just as I expected.We fished for couple of hours without any fish contacts.
In a small bay among the reed I saw some pikes following my fly without any intention to attack it,tried to fool them for a while before I thought there's no idea so we decided to take a lunch break

As you can see we had very nice weather at this stage,have to say that a lunch taste so much better outdoor.
After lunch we decided to paddle a bit further to a spot that use to give nice fishing but just as day before fishing was slow and also like the day before it started to snow and after a while we noticed that temp dropped from about 10 degrees to 2 degrees and also we got hails,said to my friend that I will fish one reed bank and then I'm done,had mentally prepared myself for blanking when I maybe 3 meters from "finish line" managed to land my first and only fish for the day which was a small jack,not often I'm cheering this much after a maybe 60 cm fish,didn't even lift in the boat for releasing.
After that it was just a bit to paddle back which always is more fun with good company .

First times it was a pain in the ass to get the Kilroy onto my roof racks even if it's lighter than than my Big Rig but now I have learned the tricks how to do it so it's not a issue anymore.

Sunday was my "chillin" day,tied some flies which I will show you in a other post,got some video material from this weekend which still waiting for editing and very soon the weekend is on hand and I really hoping to get out again.

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