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sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2016

ATAKS on the go.

So,Maiden voyage with my new ATAK 140 is done and have to say I'm not just happy...I'm a VERY happy man now,It is a awesome kayak.
This is my third Wilderness system kayak,Both Commander 140 and Ride 135 were good kayaks imo but WS has with the ATAK take kayak fishing to a new level.

                                                                First impressions.

When I launched this yak my first impression was how everything was kinda I had paddled this boat a long time already,even if I just put the seat and footrests randomly on it immediately felt like built for me.
Next notice was that the seat felt very comfortable and after 13 hours/15 km I still think that this seat fighting toe to toe with my former Hobie PA:s seat in comfort,no breaks were hold caused by numb back or legs.Also very easy to adjust.
Next remarkable thing to notice was the incredible tracking,had all my gear behind the seat and seat almost as back as could get ( you know I love to have a big open space in front of me) and still tracking was easy,in fact so easy you didn't have to think about it at all.

Paddling was also smooth in both tailwind and wasn't much harder against the wind either,I love that the kayaks sides are angled in a way you can put your paddle in water close to kayaks side which give you more power with less effort to get forward.I didn't felt exhausted,not even tired after our first trip with this kayak.

I'm a guy with a bad sense of balance,that's probably why I loved my former Big Rig,the problem was that it was extremely heavy to paddle.In ATAK you find stability and paddling features in a VERY good balance,you can fish 360 degrees easily,that combined to open space in front of seat makes this a good feature on fishing kayaks.

We also fished on a warm wonderful springday in a light breeze and sunshine but nothing revolutionary on that front,maybe 15 landed fishes and my friend dropped a lot,at least 10.
Also on some spots spawning was on so we didn't want to disturb them like those two idiots in a rubber boat.....

Next weekend will most likely be a fishing "marathon" including two LONG fishing days,stay tuned

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