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sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

New line,fly tying and fishing

Thought I could share some experiences of my "new" fly line Airflo Elbi pike "9 float/int.
Bought this line some months ago from https://smartlures.nl  but not until yesterday I really fished with it.
Haven't scale the weight but head lenght is 28.5 ft (8.5 m)

Reason why it hasn't been used is simply that I have fished some deeper areas lately but last Sunday we fished a large shallow area in middle of reeds and after I failed with my int.Sniper I decided to take time to try out this new line.
First thing I noticed was the color,a bright red running line with a dark olive head (I thought it was brown).I like contrasts between the head and running line for some reason.
Next thing I noticed was how tangled the line was,actually noticed same thing on my Airflo Sniper line too,still tried to do some casts but it was a big pain in the ass so I went out paddling and towing the line after me,boy it was really coiled but managed to get it straight and in no time it was ready for a new test.

Used a Vision Big Mama  8,4 ft #9 weight and right from the first cast I really liked it even if it felt a bit heavy.
Think the line felt slippery but not in fingers but in line guides yes,you could easily cast 15-20 meters with barely no effort at all which is good,it's long cast enough and fishing 10-12 hours without much effort on casts ain't anything but good.

Not much more I can say at the moment after only one day fishing but it felt really good,so good it will have a place on one of my reels in future too.

                                                             Fly tying.

Still I'm in no need for a single new fly but for the love to genre I still tie a fly now and then and of course I tie substitutes for the chewed ones.

Earlier this year I tied a Hollow fleye in pretty simple colors and I had a strong feeling it will work and yes it has worked,it has worked so well I wanted to tie a slightly bigger version of it.
The "original" tie lokked like this:

Have landed a good amount of pikes on this one this season already.
Tied the new one on a Sakuma 546 6/0 just like the original but added a wire extension in Popovics style to get a bigger fly built.

I'm very happy with the result.

Have earlier tied the extension on a S sized tube but decided to go on a wire this time,not easy but worth the effort imo.

Extension on tube.

Could not decide should I tie it in my hands or in vise so it was a bit of both but who cares,only result is important.

After finishing the extension it feel almost easy to continue with attaching it to the hook shank and tie on it.

And surprisingly I had to tie one more....

And also fished last weekend or on Sat to be exact.
Had a nice day out with my team mate from Wildyfishing Finland.

Full story at  http://wildyfishingfinland.blogspot.fi/2016/05/early-birds-get-wormsfishing-may-28-2016.html

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