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lauantai 9. huhtikuuta 2016

Fly fishing fair Tampere April 9:th

As I heard on Friday morning my waters were still frozen I decided to jump in my car and drive to Tampere to check out the fly fishing fair on their 30 year jubileum instead of tryin to find some open water.
This fair doesn't give me much to watch when I only fish for pike but nice to meet friends and see if there's any cool new gear,you know,those "must have" things.
About 95% of my time was to watch Niklaus Bauers tying at the Vision stall,always gettin so inspired to see new ideas and materials like this Wiggle tail in new cool red/holo silver color.
Had some good fishing with red tails last season already.

Will be out in shops soon.
Another interesting gear was the "new" Big Mama line,tried it with the new Big Mama 2.0 rod in 10 weight,gosh it felt soooo good,very close to "must have" managed to control myself......so far.
I wan
Vision also announced of a new rod/line serie  http://xoflyfishing.com/index.html
No pike rods b
ut I'm a Finnish guy and Vision is a Finnish brand so I want to spread the word in case someone's interested.

What more can I say,rest 5% was to buy some stuff,not much I needed but still good to take advantage when you can get all you need at once.

I'm so inspired to tie some flies now and even got some ideas BUT I'm most excited about next weekend,that's when my season will begin....stay tuned.

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