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maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2016

Season 2016 opener,Kilroy in water.

April 16 will be written in history as my long awaited season opener for 2016.
All anglers who don't like ice fishing and  have to suffer 3-5 months of frozen waters and generally cold weather can understand how it feels to get on open water again,first cast in months,first take,first landed fish of the season.
For me there was also a bit more excitement in form of my new kayak,new paddle and lines...and a new rod of course,not to mention that I had a army of new flies too.

woke up about 3.30 am after only maybe two hours of sleep and after a quick breakfast I took some coffee and sandwiches to eat while driving.

Arrived very early to the shore in a temp of  -1.5 degrees but no ice in sight,good.

I love these early mornings at shore.

It took me a bit longer to unload the car and make my kayak rigged so it was good that I was early out.to load the yak in hurry and feeling 110% eager never come out good.

First trip,need to be prepared.
As I wanted to be sure I decided to take two setups with me,one with a intermediate line and one with sink line,should be able to cover a lot of waters.

Daily tools.
I managed to find proper places for everything and went out on water,decided to do some more adjustments later on.

I paddle a bit and fished a bit,repeat that couple of times,I was in so good mood that I even dropped my first fish that hit my fly,but hey,that really increased my focus.

I fished for about 5 hours,landed four fishes,had both coffee breaks and lunch before three of my friends arrived.

Could write a book about our trip which lasted for seventeen !!!! hours.
We had so fun even if the fishing was slow.
When the fishing was slow I had time to study and think about my ship Jackson Kilroy DT.
This is the first ship that doesn't get me that WOW feeling,it doesn't have any fancy extra features that makes those feelings...but it doesn't have to,this is just how I want it.
Cool that Jackson has built a ship that suit fly fishing so well.
It's a wide open shell which is stable to stand in,fast enough to paddle,easy enough to handle.
Most important for me is the open space in front of my seat.as a fly fisher I really appreciate that there is very few objects were to tangle my fly line.
Also easy to load your stuff in it.
Some concerns too,even the highest seat position is a bit low in my opinion,it's good for paddling but maybe some kind of a higher "fishing position" on next model could be possible to get :).
Anyway ,think this is a kayak that work for my kinda fishing.
Very early to judge this yak yet,only my first impressions,my opinions might change many times through the season yet.

Made a small video of my opener,had some issues with the editing program which hasn't been in use for a while,but anyway,enjoy.

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