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lauantai 2. huhtikuuta 2016

Still waiting for open water

Have set my sight on next week to finally be able to get out with my kayak,drove down to the shore today and think that I might be a bit too optimistic but hopefully I'm wrong on that.
I have made some last time acquisitions in form of a new line

As you can see on the pic I bought it from https://smartlures.nl a shop well worth a watch.

Also waiting for my Vision Big Mama rod arriving from warranty repair,and have to say that it's a pleasure to do business with Vision,it's easy,it's fair and it work,not gonna go in on details here but very happy on how they treat customers.

Washed my waders and hoo rags too,need to be clean and neat when because I have invited some big green mam's to visit my kayak in near future.

Boxes are filled,hook rigs built so winter could go away now.

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