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keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2016

A waiting game.

Have to say that I would be really pleased to write about something else.like a post of fishing or just of being out in nature with my new battleship Kilroy DT doing some barbecue,spending time with friends.
It has been one of "those years" again,just like 2014 for example,one day +10 degrees with some sunshine and birds singing,you know the feeling when everything feel so good and you can feel there's no many days before you can get out with your yak.
Then next day feel like you have woke up from a dream,it has been a snowfall at night,it's cold and freezing weather and it look like the season opener have been moved months further.

-13 degrees doesn't help the ice melting but on the other hand there's no idea to complain on things you can't do a shit to so while waiting I have done some more tying and also sorted out my flies and boy that has been a huge job to sort thousands of flies.

No need for any new flies,further ties are and will be just for fun or killing time,got some hooks that will be tested too,but not before I feel for tying.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WRYd7oaeVE&index=2&list=FLxc9YucCWHdwKRIVhm5fjeg  Pretty easy actually,never thought about it before.

As it look now checking on the forecasts it looks like I have to entertain myself two or three weeks with something else than fishing so maybe some hookrigs.....leaders,trace wires etc.etc and if that feels too difficult I will just watch Fly VS jerk all over again.
As an end of this nagging I would like to show up some latest ties,cheers.

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  1. soon the waiting will be over :) nice flies btw..you should tie some more! :D

    1. Actually it's pretty nice to tie when you don't have that "must do" burden on your shoulders,feel you can do more experiments while tying,at the moment weather look so good that maybe two more weeks and should be good to go :)