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torstai 10. heinäkuuta 2014

Big Mama(s) on board

Ended a fishing marathon yesterday,fished for three days from sunrise to sunset in a weather that could almost be called tropical,temps up to 30 degrees,no clouds and very little wind,don't know,am I getting old but I enjoyed my time even if the weather wasn't optimal for pike fishing.
I had some other aims than just fishing too.i wanted to test my Vision Big Mama rod with different lines and secondly also test my Minn kota bow motor too.

About the motor,it worked just fine now but it's not that handy as I thought,at least for fly fishing,the boat moves and rotating way too much with the Ipilot anchor and in even light winds it's very difficult to get it move forward slow enough while casting so I think I prefer old honest reliable anchor system when fly fishing.

The rod....You might remember I had some serious problems with my Big Mama earlier this season but as things look now they seem to be over now.
It's not a secret I don't like sink lines,really don't like them.In these three days testing I have to say that I was wrong.
It's not I don't like them,I fuckin hate them !!!
Had me three sink lines with me.All tested lines were  #9 weighted.
-Rio Outbound short F/S1
-Rio Scandinavian Pike F/S2
-Big Daddy S3

If I had to choose just one line which need to be sink I would quit fly fishing.....Just kidding,I would take Rio OB,heavily overweighted 30,2 ft head,pretty nice to cast,at least it suit my style of casting but what I don't like is the floating running line,also got a feeling it sink slower than many intermediate lines ?????

I wanted to fish too so no floating lines was tested in these warm conditions.
Told you I hate sink lines so maybe surprisingly my favorite came from Intermediate lines which I had four with me.
-Big Daddy SloMo
-Big Daddy Intermediate
-Rio Outbound short Intermediate
-Airflo 40+ Sniper Intermediate

At this point I need to remind you this was NOT a democratic test where all lines got the same chances.
If I found a line I liked I fished more with it,also winds and wind directions played a role too,not to mention some lines were brand new,some were thee years old,so DON'T TAKE THIS AS ANY KIND OF TEST,it's only about what line I prefer for MY use !!!

BD SloMo was fished very little with,just because I think it's more for colder water in shallow areas,still not a bad line,not at all.
The other three were pretty close to each other but I think I choose Airflo as a winner,30ft long head also heavily overweighted ????? did not scale it but it definitely felt so,like the sink speed of it too,I could easily use this one line for early spring to warmest summer weather,just add some coneheads on the leader if needed.A cheap price is also a credit ,44€ against BD 70€...

Rio came pretty close but the problem is that I don't trust that line anymore,posted earlier about the durability problems but still a wonderful line to cast.

Rio OB:s 24,3 gram weight compared to BD:s 21gram doesn't feel that much I thought it would have done,maybe the lenght of the head have something to do with it (BD:s 27,9ft to OB:s 30,2 ft)?????

 Summa summarum it seem that I like lines like me,heavily overweighted  =D
Funny that Airflo turned to be my favorite because I didn't like it in the beginning in very cold conditions.

An finally,my rod is still in four pieces,very powerful action,nice to handle with a fish on,really like this one and even if it seem to had some problems first I still trust Vision as a brand and my latest issue with my Hardy rod push me further to be a vision user.

Finally some photos of both landscapes and some landed fishes including some very nice and strong fishes,over one hundred fishes landed in these three days,today I'm gonna have a day of and planning some fishing for tomorrow.CHEERS.

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