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tiistai 17. kesäkuuta 2014

Fishing 14-15.6 2014

All trough last week I was dreaming about forthcoming weekend fishing because of the previous weeks excellent fishing,the only question was:boat or kayak.
Most of you know that flyfishing for pike from a yak is my favorite method  but the wind....forecasts said 5-7 m/s and observations was a bit more.
Had so difficult to decide that just before starting from home I dropped the boat at my parking place and went on with my yak on the roof for some fishing,also I could test my ship in tough conditions.

Arrived to the beach around 9 am and noticed that forecast makers 7 m/s was heavily wrong,at least 10 m/s was more correct,open my Ipad and checked it out.....well,well,well....check the difference between forecast and observation yourself.

At least I knew that I was going to do some more tests with my Ride 135 in rough weather,no big hopes for fishing today.
Loaded my ship and went out on a rocky ride,tried some fishing on windy side but it was a real pain in the ass in that wind,my casts "died" in every backcast so I thought only way was to find some shelter place to fish,places were I knew fishes would be hard to find....
After some very hard paddling I arrived to to a bay which was calm enough for fishing and started to swing out some fluff.fished for a long time and finally I managed to land a small jack,was mostly annoyed about the wind which was not strong but gusts came from different directions which made my yak spinning around which made my casting pain in the ass.

Was slightly irritated when I after some heavy paddling arrived to next possible place and it didn't help the situation at all when that my fly stuck to the new reed in almost every cast and finally it happen,once again I got stuck and when I tried to pull me loose my fly line just snapped in two pieces.THAT'S IT...I have seen enough of this fuckin shit and packed my stuff and decided to paddle back to the shore and go home and get drunk.
I had a hell of a ride to paddle against a wind with gusts up to 17 m/s and sometimes it felt that how much I was paddling my kayak didn't move forward at all.
I had to get into a sheltered place for a rest which I thinking afterward should never had done,never fished here before so I thought I could give it a try,nice looking place to test my poppers on.
Had to put a new line on my reel and when I reached for my reel bag I thought I heard/saw something fell in the water but didn't gave it much attention.
Guess it's no surprise I didn't got anything and after some minutes I paddled back to shore while I put a curse on forecast makers.

Sunday looked far more better day to wake up,cloudy but saw a sunshine every now and then,wind but more reasonable this time.
Eat some breakfast and jumped in my car where I had all my stuff from yesterday ready
After 45 minutes driving I came to the shore in good mood,no hurry,planned my route for the day ready and packed my kayak when it hit me like a hammer...Now I knew what it was I thought I saw/heard I dropped in the water yesterday,nothing more or less than my GoPro camera,couldn't find it anywhere so it has to be so...
Nothing I could do about it anymore so even if I felt a bit irritated I went out.

Fished for almost eight hours with only few landed fishes,god I hat wind from north,very difficult to find active fish here so I took some fuckin landscape photos instead.

I was so close to give up and go back and try to forget this weekend as soon as possible.
Decided to try out one more place,maybe wrong to say place,it was a big area with some sparse reed.
with three casts I landed two fishes,not big guns but at least some action.Paddled in among the bed of reeds and the following three hours saved much of the weekend to be remember as a nice one.
Had to go after my daughter so I could not continue fishing as long as I would have liked to do,had a strong feeling that sooner or later I could have had that Jackpot I was looking for.
So,no big guns landed but you can't always win,not even every time .....here's still some photos of fishes landed.

So,after thirteen hours out fishing it finally was time to start paddling back to the shore,the wind direction had changed a bit so I had some tailwind all the way,on weekends like this even that felt like life is worth living :)

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  1. Dam... Harsh losing your camera like that. I have also had bad luck recent times snapping my rod on two and losin a pair of sunglasses but thats rough. At least you have a good dose of Sisu!

  2. Teemu,it's true,from now on I'm gonna tie up all expensive stuff so things like these never would happen again :)