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maanantai 23. kesäkuuta 2014

Midsummer fishing

Because of the bad weather and northern wind I was out fishing only on one day of four possible.
Northern wind has traditionally been a synonym for bad fishing and the one day I was out that myth was securely confirmed.
Had in mind to test my poppers more seriously but clear water,sunshine,cold weather and hard wind made me leaving them in my fly box and fish with more traditionally flies instead.

Had me a clear plan were to fish to avoid my last disaster trip,places for today was "safe" places with not too much wind and close to shoreline because in Midsummer there use to be a lot of boats out cruising and while celebrating a low camo colored kayak can be hard to see.
Fishing close to shoreline made it possible to fish all the way to my planned spot but all from beginning I saw what was comin,took me about an hour before I had my first bugger landed,not good but expected fishing.

While paddling to my final destination I had some phone calls from friends reporting of heavy rains and even hails combined with hard wind gusts here and there but so far I have had pretty good weather except for some heavy wind gusts.

My final destination was a place I had fished so many times before but always from boat so I knew there was a lot of  inscrutable areas left and no better way to explore this large area than with a kayak.
Fished here last weekend but run out of time but that was not a problem today,had plenty of time.
Outside the reeds there was no active fishes at all so I moved in among the reed instead,found some fishes now and then but still my fishing was far from good,anyway,it was exciting to fish here on places I had seen but not fished before.

I fished this area very carefully for many hours,had eat all my food I had with me,have had some rain showers over me and now the wind has turned to pretty hard,clock was tickin and I honestly didn't felt that fishing could make a total turn so I decided to start paddling back same way as I came here.
On my way back I met couple friends out with tubes and heard their fishing had been even worse than mine,not a single landed fish.

We had some coffee and talk together here and soon they also found out there was no idea to go on and we all started to go back to shore making some casts here and there,landed some buggers more and took some photos more.
Oh man it was cold at the moment I arrived to the shore,was freezing a lot and we were in middle of June,felt very good to get in a warm car and start driving back home.

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