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tiistai 8. huhtikuuta 2014

Still waiting.

So,even if I have been out fishing for pike couple of times it feels that I still waiting because all of my latest trips have been to not so familiar places,because my own better known places are still frozen but in good way to be fishable soon.
Here is a photo couple of days ago.

Today while writing this it might already been open water there.
It hasn't been just waiting,it has been a hell of tying customer ties this year and there would be many more ties to do but I'm forced to take a break from it because my own boxes need to be refilled too and to get my both battleships ready for the forthcoming season,and of course I want to do some fishing too :)
Here is some,JUST SOME of my latest customer ties

And also been tying some for my own but noticed that all of my flies are about 12-15 inches long I thought I could be in need for some smaller too and I can tell you that after been tying some chickens for a long time now it's a really tough task to downsize your flies to under 10 inches,also I use to add eyes on all of my pike flies but on my latest ties I didn't add them either so I have to say I was really out of my "comfort zone"

The story of these flies started actually from my fishing trip two weeks ago when I broke my brand new Big Mama rod and called my dealer Spey clave in Helsinki to tell them what happend (They really deserve all credit of taking care of this warranty case !!!) and after two days I went to the shop for a new rod and also they showed me some awesome bucktails,premium select tails dyed by them self in colors you are not able to get from anywhere else.
They also got some extra select Schlappen feathers in cool colors,well,a must buy once again =D

Usually I use to tie in bucktail just for the volume but these looked so fuckin awesome so I didn't wanna do that so I decided to do some kind of decivers of these.
They are simply tied of Schlappen feathers and bucktail,added some Ice wing in blue pearl among the bucktail and a thing that separate these from normal decivers is that I decided to use Nayat hair from Foxy tails as heads on some of them (black and brown).
Testfishing will be done next weekend,even the forecasts promising kinda good weather,especilally on Sunday with a light wind from southwest,rain and cloudy,what more could a piker beg for.

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