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torstai 24. huhtikuuta 2014

The ultimate Flash fly

So,after an example from a Finnish site I went to make a tying video Of a fly which I called Flashlight even if i had felt it as a tough task to do,but still after I saw it ready and had some feedback I have slowly changed my mind.......This is fuckin fun to do,so yesterday it suddenly hit me again: I want to share a video of a fly that has saved me so many days from  blanking that it's almost magical,that's why I dare call this fly the  "Ultimate flash fly".
This is not quiet the original pattern.It has change a bit through the years,if I remember correct the original pattern had a head made of Raccoon,also the light purple flash wasn't in the original.
Please note that when I say "original" I don't mean that I have contrived this fly,just that I found this pattern years ago and refined it for my fishing.

Anyway,enough talkin,here you are,The Ultimate flash flash fly


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