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tiistai 22. huhtikuuta 2014

Easter fishing & Big Mama updates.

                                                  Day one.

Finally we have real springtime here in southern parts of Finland With temps up to 20 degrees and some sun too.
Also suitably a four days of from work so plenty of time for fishing too,Don't know if I'a getting old or what but even if the weather would have been perfect for fishing and reports from my friends of some good sized fishes I decided to stay in bed long and do some undone things on Friday and go fishing rest of the days instead.
Only thing that has to do with fishing made on Friday was three simple baitfish patterns for rest of the days.

Thanks to my cats I woke up earlier than I actually meant,not just twenty minutes or so,
6.15 am I had already finished my breakfast,made some picnic lunch,feed the cats and drove 80 km:s to the shore.
I was standing at the shoreline watching the sunrise and a totally calm surface which usually mean tough fishing but I was extremely happy anyway,I had my camera with me,got some rising interest in taking photos,so,if no fishes then photography instead,can't go wrong here.

Haven't fix my kayak seat yet so I decided to not take any paddling marathon but stay close to the shoreline,know some nice spots here too.
Oh god it felt so good to go out paddle after so long time in warm sunny weather and it was an early morning.
Had my brand new Big Mama which I got from warranty with me and somewhere deep in my mind I had a slight hope that I could make a test with a big gun today.Well,I was wrong here but at first spots it worked just fine and a funny thing was that when I was having a break my friend asked me at FB if my rod is working and I answered it's still in four pieces so everything is just fine.
Wanted to take some photos of it too in this beautiful  surrounding.

Sadly,on next spot I got me an deja vu feeling....
My fly hit the end of the rod and this was the result.

So....second Big mama broken in short time,and also this time another one broken in Sweden,just like last time,well Vision warranty is well known as one of the best in Finland at least.
Some might think I'm crazy but I still have faith in this rod,mostly because it broke from a different place than the other and for this broke I have a explanation.

Well,I had a reserve rod with me which was my Big Daddy so I was able to continue fishing but to be honest I felt more for taking photos and just enjoy and relax.

First I went a bit concerned over that I wasn't in desperate need for fishing but after all,you do what you feel for,I had a really nice day out enjoying of our stunning beautiful archipelago BUT even here in all quiet and peace you are able to see stupidity AT HIGH LEVEL !!!

Really not understand WHY ???

No more stress about peoples nonchalance,continued with some small fishing and relaxing.

And finally some photos of fishing too,think I landed five or so small jacks.

                                                                 Day two.

This day was more planned for fishing as main thing so I was early woke up and study both map and forecasts and preparing for a "vertical soup".
Today I was going with my friend so we were going with the boat which allowed us to move on quickly if we wanted to.
Had me plan written in my head for different situations and we were out at about 10.30 am.
I was prepared for a difficult day because temp up to 20 degrees and barely no wind at all and as cherry on the cake the spawning was to start any day now.
Decided first to start in  bay just outside the spawning area but after a while fishing there was no more than one jack following my fly so we decided to move a bit across the bay,no action there either.
We saw a fly fisher fishing from tube and he was fishing very close to the shoreline were we could not go with our boat so we just had to fish from were we were able to.
after a while my friend landed his first of today which was followed with some more jacks,I was still blanking.
after an hour of teasing all small jacks we decided to go to find some better sized green torpedos which was afterward thinking a good choice,from a small pocket my friend landed a small jack with first cast,yes,a jack... Where the hell were all big guns hiding ? spawning already ?
We let our boat drift until we came between two islands about one kilometer from a spawning place and the wind was pushing water like it was a stream or so.after about twenty casts and some smaller jacks my friend had a bit heavier hit on his rubberlure,water was crystal clear so we saw from a long way this was a clearly better fish,for a while it seemed to be a really big mam until we saw why it seemed to be so big,there was fuckin two of them.

WTF ? this ain't a spawning area,or haven't been earlier years,anyway,barely hooked I chingripped it,we took the weight which was 7.00 kilos,my friends next best ever,,quick photo and released he mam.

Nice.Continued fishing on different spots without anything to tell about,but with a good mood.
Only thing worth telling about was that closing in to that spawning area we could hear splashing among the reed so we knew spawning was on.
You know the feeling after a good sized fish close to your PB ? In this photo you can almost touch the feeling =D

Anyway,even the best of days coming to it's end and so did this one too.decided to fish one more spot on our way back and it was on the other side of the two islands were we just had fished.
We already had some twilight and weather turned much colder so we decided to make a quick stop and I choose a reliable Black/Silver fly which so often has worked fine for me and with one of my last casts I managed to land a slightly better sized fish too.

This one wasn't measured or scaled but a nice size imo.
One more day that will stay in my memories a long time,a nice way to end a top notch day.

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  1. sulla ei sitten kyllä käy hyvä onni noiden perho keppien kanssa.

  2. Ei muitten kanssa ole ollu oikeastaan,tää BM on ainoa staga minkä kanssa ollu pahoja ongelmia,tsiigataan nyt vielä yksi ennen kun ruvetaan suunnittelemaan kaupan purkuja :)