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perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2014

Mental hangover.

I have had this subject in mind for a long time now but never still wrote about it
I'm almost sure that every angler going through a flames of hell  while waiting for open waters,pain won't ease by looking/reading at your friends reports of PB fishes all around the world which these days are so easy by the social media.
not easy mentally....at least in my opinion.

Then to another kind of pain in the ass which I think many fly tyers going through every now and then.
You have some nice,maybe new materials and great big plans what to tie.
Pouring some good whiskey in a glass,or a cold beer perhaps,take your time to see that everything,materials,tools is close to hands in your fly tying lab,taking a seat behind the vice and BANG !!!
You just sit there wondering what the fuck you had in mind...yup,your head is emptier than your wallet.
Familiar feeling ???? could make a bet that at least 90% of tyers answer is yes.

I've had these bad times before but not at same time and always managed to find some new pattern to tie or using some new materials to drag me out of this misery but this time this feeling is overwhelming.

I will try to describe the feeling when you suffer of both at same time,because that's what I'm doing right now,this has going on for some time now.

It all started couple of months ago,I was very busy tying customer ties,I just kept tying and tying and at same time I made plans for my own flies,what kind of flies,colors,size,materials ETC,ETC....

I tied three big orders at same time,about 80 flies and still with only 5-6 flies to tie I was thinking like:Yess,soon I'm able to tie some of my own visions too but even if I'm able to tie 5-6 flies a day the last flies took me horrible long time to tie,I know,I know...some might say just push you through this but I got one special feature which is that If I force myself to tie up flies you can clearly see it from the flies and that's a thing I don't wan't people to see.I want people to see they are tied with pride and joy.

A big reason getting  this mental hangover was probably to tie same pattern over and over again,only different colors.
Afterward it's easy to say that I should have tied some of my own ideas every now and then for alternation but decided to do it different so actually I got myself to blame.
Anyway,have now got me some new materials,have tied some different patterns like the one that was completely out from my comfort zone,small and without eyes.

Now afterwards I realize that I tied them because they are completely different that I use to tie,some teasers were tied on the road to where I'm now moaning :)

These three flies were tied among the customer orders as some kind of therapy I'll guess.

Have also searched for some new inspiration by finding new materials like those awesome saddles from

And my latest add to new materials.

Optic fibre from http://www.foxy-tails.co.uk/ Which original mission was to solve the problem with the heads of my flies,have searched for a replacement for Sculpin wool and when Steven from Foxy tails recommend this I couldn't resist and received a package from UK and was happy of those amazing bright colors,have to tie a fly....
First I was afraid of when will I empty my head and start  stearing at my vice but somehow I just started tying without too much thinking and this was the feeling I needed,could not add this material to just the head,small bunches all over the fly,here's the result which I'm pretty happy with.

As you can see I'm start to feel better already now when I got the right medicine,next weekend some fishing and not gonna force me to tie or doing anything else either and soon you will see.
I'm gonna get back stronger than ever :)

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