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maanantai 21. lokakuuta 2013

Small fishes with big ties.

I have noticed on different fly fishing sites some kind of a trend of growing flies,some of them are not huge,they are gigantic.
I had seen big flies before too,my first contact with them was couple of years ago by watching Mr Simon Graham tying in my opinion huge flies for muskies.
It took me some time before I thought I could do my own version of them,my own version in this case meant I just made them a hell lot smaller.
Get a small bunch ready for a few trips which was left before the ice covered my spots.

These flies worked well,very well in fact,they had a awesome hang in the water,Study the internet wonder world and found Brad Bohens Hangtime optic minnow fly and my winter was saved,tied a lot of different test flies based on it ready for springtime fishing but unfortunately I had my worst spring ever when nothing worked.

All those flies went to my "second setup" when I seriously started to tie on tubes again,but are in use again by my brother who has had pretty good fishing with them,many of them are pretty chewed by now.

Muskie(style)flies impressed me much but it was time to move on,but one thing that stands is the size of the flies,I ended up tying 20-25 cm flies in Niklaus Bauer sheepshead style which has been very successful and when I saw Niklaus ties in don't remember was it Big Daddy or in Mean green fight machine my "big"flies suddenly looked very tiny and small compared to his gigantic ones,still they were tied in that sheepshead style,man they looked awesome,and with SBS tying videos from kanalgratisdotse it was more than easy to if not copy but at least get good ideas to your own ties.
Anyway,Mr Bauers newest tie called "Laken" was the turning point,I just had to try a BIG tie,not just big but the biggest possible with the materials I had in stock and even if I had to make compromises in color way I'm very satisfied with the result.

40 cm....my biggest tie ever,I was so inspired by this that I had to try that "Laken" pattern too,even if I didn't had the right materials.
I just kept tying and suddenly I noticed that clock was 02.30 am,3 hours before I have to get up but no matter,need to let it go when you feel for it.

Had these flies with me on my weekend fishing on Sunday and every single of them delivered fish or fishes as my 40 cm long fly did,I was surprised how easy it was to cast a fly big as a seagull.

And "Laken" then,it's awesome in very shallow areas,you cam easily fish with it in places where's no more than two feet water and still use a intermediate line,now when water gets colder it will be a killer,need some more colors of them.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Excellent good job. I like NIcklaus Bauer fly tying too.
    This autumn I´ll make my first tube flies, but more small than "laken"
    Do you use lead wire into the fly to skin it?

  2. Thank's David,tying is much easier with his excellent videos yes :)
    And no,I don't use any lead or any other weight on my flies anymore.
    If I want to get my fly deeper I simply add a/some coneheads on the leader wire or/and using a sink line.
    By doing this I'm able to use same fly in different waters :)

  3. Ok, perfect.
    Thank you.

  4. Tight lines David,and bended rods :)