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tiistai 1. lokakuuta 2013

New ties

After my time in hospital I wasn't able to go fishing for a while and sick leave for a month has been a pain in the ass for me now when I have a job that I really like.
Was not able to drive a car either and in too bad condition to do anything useful I spent my time watching old Fly VS Jerk films and like about thousand times before I got inspired to tie some flies,even if I don't need them =D

My eyesight was very bad and my hands didn't obey my mind either so no beauties but good therapy for my mind anyway,still need to be tested.

First and last ones is some kind of "old school ties" with only Bucktail and Big fly fibre as materials,and some flash of course,but fast and easy to tie and very effective too.
Second one is inspired from Calico cat lure colors.Third one....well,you can never have too many of these colors were I fish.

And when I started to feel better I ventured to try something smaller.
Even if I'm a piker to the bone I still feel I would love to do a sea-trout trip this autumn and I probably will,I had to make a try on some easy shrimp fly and honestly I have to say that I'm very pleased with the result,even if I don't have a clue if these flies will work.

Also had some other flies tied with sea-trouts on my mind but still need to take some photos of them.Planned trip 9 November so still got time to fill the boxes.

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