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torstai 31. lokakuuta 2013

Big hopes with big flies on a big weekend.

Hello folks,Once again the weather has made a U-turn,Two weeks ago driving to work noticed temps like -6 degrees and now it's lying on +10 degrees so it seems that my season goes on for a while,no complains about that.
Have tied a couple of Niklaus Bauer "Laken" style flies and done some testing with them.

Awesome movement on these.They measure much about 30 cm:s.You can fish them in really shallow areas and because there is no material tied on the under side it hook fishes very well too,not a single dropped fish yet on these so far.
They also got an awesome hang in water,I use to fish them with a Int.line and in three ft water level you hang it in water for a loooooooooong time,perfect in cold/freezy conditions.Tied up in some different colors.

Don't they look funny :) But they really work in waters where I fish.
Not only praises for them,I'm a bit concerned about their durability but will be go on testing if there's some materials that should be changed.
They will be on a real test forthcoming weekend,really waiting for this,fishing on Saturday with Espoon perhokalastajat in Kemiö,south western parts of Finland,those places is known as very good "pike waters".
Sunday I will fish with two young but very experienced guys from Salo in some unknown places but knowing their fishing history and often read and heard their fishing reports with photos I can't help my expectations raising to the moon,really hoping that my miserably autumn season could get a U-turn just like the weather.

Yesterday I took some time to do a maintenance on my boat motor and soon it will be covered for winter storage and my rest trips will be with kayak or tube.
You will see some big modifications on my boat and trailer later on wintertime.Have some plans for next summer.

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