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lauantai 7. heinäkuuta 2012

Spin,spin spinnerbaits.

Hello everyone.Sorry for no posts lately but there has been different things in my way lately like to get a new job starting from first August in a small school away from that noisy city so one dream more fulfilled.
And fishing then ? Strong winds has been the main reason that there has been almost no flyfishing at all,also the pikes lying deep in among waterplants far away from any flies.
But I wanted badly go fishing so what could possible be the solution ?
the answer is : Spinnerbaits.

Have used them a lot this summer and will probably go on until the water cool down again,then I will change back to flies again.

Spinnerbaits have been extremely effective this summer,have landed a lot of fishes and have to admit it has been kind fun to learn something new.
Talk about learning something reminds me of a thing,spinnerbait fishing has become a boom in Finland and I have noticed some issues here : durability of different lures.

Paying almost 20 € for a spinner makes at least me to insist that it will hold out for more than two !!! trips

That´s Lindy M/G.Without superglue here you would probably do your next trip with a blank jig with blades...Not good.

Lindy M/G:s blade,our water in Finland is not that salty that the blade should look like that after two trips,it´s easy to change but still I think it´s unacceptable.

well on the other side...it fish extremely well,have caught many fishes with them.

Bought the first one years ago from Sweden but tested it just once and decided that you can not catch anything with these,how wrong I was :)))
This year I landed a nice pike with my third cast.

One spinnerbait that has been particularly good is Savagears Da bush,had to buy a new one after the first was teared apart of at least fifty pikes,only wish with this model could be a bigger size.

Have tried other manufactures too like Pearsons Grinder which has been good,still waiting for the big one to come with it´s massive 8/0 and 7/0 hooks.
With a magnum size jig tail it´s impressive 33 cm:s long which will keep the size of caught pikes decent.

Also noticed that some good looking and famous manufactures has some solutions that I don´t like,like the skirt on the PIG.

A cable tie...won´t probably last for long without a new fastening.
A good lure anyway.

And the newest family member : Svartzonker Rintin,if it works like his jerkbaits it will be a success.

Here´s some random photos from my latest trips.

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