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maanantai 30. heinäkuuta 2012

Fishing with my daughter 30.7 2012

Today was a very special day for me,I have had many friends with me out at water which have been very nice but this was something special,this time it was not only a friend,it was my younger daughter Maria who went out at water with me.
Maria is the one to blame for my new coming in fishing after twenty years pause.

Just like when I was kid I fished a lot with my dad Maria fished a lot as a kid,at those time with my brother and she managed to get me too interested in fishing again and not too long before we fished almost every weekend together,gee,man we had fun.

Just like me she became a teenager and different interests stepped into her life like friends,partying and....well,you know :)...Things that put fishing in background.

As I told you it took over twenty years for me to find the joy in fishing again and it might take at least twenty years before my daughter find the complete joy of it again
but anyhow,today we went out for fishing together after at least 2-3 years pause.

Have to say that even if she´s young,15 years old and haven´t fish for a while I immediately noticed that she hasn´t lost the touch in not fishing or handle the fish.
Even if she´s young she is a pretty experienced fisher with a lot of decent sized fishes caught both with spin and fly.

Well,today´s fishing was more about to spend some time together then to fish.
The weather was crap for fishing.9 am it was over twenty degrees warm,three maybe four m/s wind from southwest.Forecasts warned for heavy thunder and wind flurry that could be over 20 m/s so we decided not to go too far from the shore,just in case.

Against all odds one the first spot,third or fourth cast my rod had a heavy bend and because of the watertemp I gave an extra heavy pressure to the fish and twenty seconds later I landed a beauty measured 86 cm:s,did not take the weight of it so I could release it quicker.
Some time after that I had a small bugger following my lure but just behind the boat he lost his interest and turned away.
I was sooooo much hoping for my daughter to land a fish but that was to happen on our third spot,a angry little bugger in maybe one-one and a half kilos was released without taking pics or measure.

Not much more to tell you about,the weather turned even warmer later on so no big surprise that there was too many hits on our lures and when those dark clouds from the horizon came closer we decided not to take any risks and turned our boat back to the shore.
Even if we did not landed too many fishes it´s been a while since I have enjoyed a fishing trip this much,hopefully we can do it again soon.

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