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maanantai 16. heinäkuuta 2012


It has been a strange summer so far,cold,windy and rainy including a few very hot ordinary summerdays,but hey I´m not complaining,not at all because the fishing has been pretty good,not the size maybe but the number.
A thing that I have noticed is that the pikes still hiding on windy places deep among the waterplants,usually I have found them in deeper water among rocks this time of year but not now.

And another thing that feels a bit strange is that I have not fished much with flies either,all because of those windy days.instead I have found fishing with spinnerbaits and chatterbaits very nice and effective among weed.
I need to remind you that I have not forgot flyfishing for pike,just waiting for water to cool down a bit.
My newest acquaintance in fishing is chatterbaits,think it will become a big success here in Scandinavia.

but as with the spinnerbaits their durability hasn´t been as good as I have expected so the only solution has been to build them by yourself.
Thanks to internet it has been easy to find different sites where you can buy parts.
I´m waiting for a delivery from Netherlands to arrive in these days and one from Sweden too so with the chatterbaits I made a solution to dismantle the old skirts and tie new ones.
I don´t have pics of the original but It´s a Finnish bait called Rento.

Number one.

And number two.

And of course I had to test to build a Spinnerbait too.On my last trip it worked very well.

Tested Svartzonker Rintin and....three casts,one pike around five kilos and...

Works well but the durability,nothing to worry about if you carrying a lot of spareparts with you.

Have to say that Pearsons grinder is the only one that hasn´t broke yet,and my homemade too is unbroken so far,the wire is a bit thicker and I´m trying to use only quality materials and securing every tie with UV-resin.

And here is the latest Spinner which will be tested tomorrow if the weather is fine(rain and wind).

This is kind weather I hope for.

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