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tiistai 24. heinäkuuta 2012

More Lurebuilding.

Have made some more homemade both spinner and chatterbaits now and have to say that they work as fine as those I´ve bought ready made.

Have fished the last trips only using homemade baits.it´s more funny to get fishes with them.Especially the first one I made have been the one that has "made my day" It has caught many pikes and still going strong.

These are easy to build when you got all parts.Many thank´s to Lureparts from Netherlands and Lundgrens from Sweden,both on-line shops works just fine.
I have also learn from some mistakes like using normal flashbou is not as good as magnum flash.
Also using normal flytying materials is okay as long as you remember that you don´t doing them too long.The firetiger above is cutted two inches shorter now,the tail no longer mess up with the upper blade as it used to do.

And today I finally got a mold of my own so hoping that I soon will be able to do the heads by myself.
Still got some issues about where I will be able to do the casting and painting but hopefully it will soon be solved out.

And finally to my homemade chatterbaits.I´m not totally satisfied with how they work,they have delivered some pikes but I had bigger expectations bout these and still believing them so they will get more chances every time I´m out at the sea.

Have been out fishing a lot but not much to tell you about I´m afraid.Some fishes now,some fishes then,+100 cm/7.4 kg:s the biggest so far this season.

the weather has been difficult lately,Thunder and heavy rain with hardly no wind at all or windy and sunny weather.Today´s weather looked fine,I wasn´t able to go fishing but my brother was at the sea for the whole day with his friend,the result was only three landed pikes and they were all caught in the two first hours.

Tomorrows weather doesn´t seem much better:+25 degrees/wind 7 m/s Sunny...
Think I will wait till the weekend,hopefully I have something in catchway to write about

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