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maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2015

Fly tying news.The Shape shifter

I haven't updated anything about flies and fly tying for a while so maybe it's about time to do that.
Also a wind up to 30 m/s keep me away from water so got both time and inspiration to tie some flies,old style and even some new ideas.
There has been so much wrote about all "ordinary" flies so I just add some pics of them.

Some different Deceivers on hook from summer.
Actually this windy summer I became a big fan of deceiver variations tied in different ways and outfits,even one articulated with two hooks.

Easy to cast and work well,durability could be better but...guess you can't have everything in one package.
Also couple of articulated has been tied,mostly with a offset hook to be fished deep among reeds

Shank+offset hook

One tricky but very interesting thing was to blend bucktail and pike skinz or other synthetics.After some practicing I think they came out pretty good looking from vise,especially tied on tube and added a wiggle tail on the rig.

This type of tying is something I will continue with even if it's a bit tricky,you can use also "not so good quality" bucktail for it

One thing that I'm really excited of is a pattern that I got from a Irish friend of mine,he named it to "Shape shifter".
I told you earlier that I liked to fish with different types of deceivers but here in Scandinavia our waters turn to very cold in autumn and often you need to have looooooong stops while retrieving,and when fishing in shallow waters it can be difficult if the fly sink too fast,that's why this kind of a "hybrid" is so good.
The idea is simple,tied the backpart of a deceiver on the hook rig,and rest of the fly on a short tube.
Also you can combine one back part with different colored heads which mean I don't have to drag a lot of boxes with me which in turn is very good when I fish from a yak with limited space.

You see the idea here.

Same tail/hook-rig on two different flies.

As you can see there is a lot of different possibilities,I also like that the hook is positioned in middle of the fly.

These flies have worked very well this fall,will certainly tie more of these and also continue to develop these flies with my Irish friend.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Those are some great looking flies, Johan. And, that Shape Shifter is a good idea!

  2. Thnx Stefaan,they have been very productive this autumn.Also like that you got so many options by changing tail or head :)

  3. Hello johan.could you tell me how do you tie the black deceiver with red eyes and silver wiggle tail? you do really good job!! thnx Filip

    1. Hi Filip,that one is a pretty simple tie.I tie it on a tube.First I put on some bucktail using reverse tie,then you can add some flash if you want to,then simply cover the bucktail with some black synthetics,in this case I used Pike Skinz fibre but slinky fibre is good as well,as the head I have used Craft fur in cream color.I tied it in a loop but that's not necessary,more important is to add only a thin layer of it.then just add a hook rig with a wiggle tail :)