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torstai 12. marraskuuta 2015

Fishing Nov.11 2015 Short session.

Well,had some personal things to do and when I was ready with them I checked the clock and saw that if  I decided to go back to work I would be there about 15 minutes before I anyway was to go home and was already over halfway to a nice fishing spot I decided to give it a go even if I knew it would be a session less than an hour.
Think I have never ever got me ready this quick to hit the water before,made a decision were to fish when I was already out on water.
Limited time made my decision much easier than normal.I was lucky that water level (+20 cm) and wind (East)suited to fish a reed bank just 100 meter from the shore I launched my yak so in about 15 minutes from I arrived to the shore I was ready for the first cast.
This session was short so there is not much to tell you about it either.
Dropped some fishes from a one hook wiggle tail when some jacks wee only nibbling on the tail.
I had not a single  hook-rig with stinger hooks for wiggle tails with me so I had to use a ordinary tube fly with double hooks.
Landed some nice fishes hooked only on the trailer hook from were they were easy to release too.
I decided to let my yak drift just a little bit more to a very shallow area and changed my fly to a big 35 cm long bream imitation which is a pain in the ass to cast but got a awesome movement in water and also I was able to fish it slowly with a intermediate line.This place look awesome with sparse reed.
Made a cast straight into the reed and started to retrieve the line slowly.Water was crystal clear so I saw the fly all the time while retrieving,also saw a huge swirl and in a split second my fly disappeared in a big wide open gap and My well started fall season was to continue.
I don't know if it was the cold water or what but this pike was pretty lame in action,it actually wasn't a big challenge to force her out from reeds and land her gently in my net.
She also was hooked only one a size #1 trailer hook so guess I was a bit lucky here but hey,it all count's.
This lady was that size I had to  get a photo or two of her and even now she behave so well.
After some pics she was gently released (like all my catches) to were she belong.
I went on as a happy man once again and waiting for the weekend to come.

Nice bream butcher.

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Nice fat back.

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  1. So you like kissing fat girls. You’re strange folk, you Finns. ;)

    1. Stefaan,You have to grab every chance you get at this age =D