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sunnuntai 10. toukokuuta 2015

Refreshing some flies.

Was fishing last Friday for a couple of hours and even landed a few fishes in a very strong wind,but even if the wind was strong it was pretty warm outside and as I predicted pikes were spawning in shelter areas.
Don't wanna disturb them so decided to stay at home this weekend and set my sights to next weekend and hoping the spawning is over

Anyway...of course there was some things that was need to be done,and while I was sorting out my flies I noticed that so many flies that has worked so well had collapsed and looked more like a nail than a airy soft fly with big volume as they were tied to some time ago.
That's when I remember a tip I got from the GoExpo fair earlier in the spring.
Instead than to tie new flies I refreshed some old favorites.
In the original tip I was told to use UV-varnish but had not in stock so I decided to carefully use some  super glue instead.
A very simple trick,just bend the bucktail collar over and carefully add a tiny little drop of super glue on the inside of the collar,let it dry and Voilá,you got fly good as new with a big nice profile.


Turn the collar over

Add some glue on inside of the collar.

Let it dry

"New" fly
Made this to some of my flies that has gone thru a mangle with 700 razor sharp teeth and now I can just wait for next weekend or maybe I go out earlier.

Got a small video clip from last time...

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  1. rejuvenating old flies is a good idea. But I love to tie flies so I probably won't fix my old ones.