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perjantai 22. toukokuuta 2015

Fishing May 16 2015

Sorry for a late post but have been very busy at work and totally exhausted lately but better late than never.
Had some awesome fishing here couple of days ago with over twenty landed and a whole bunch dropped fishes too.

My fishing started kinda slow,it took me almost an hour before my first fish was landed but after that one it was a almost constant rally going on,secret was to fish in right depth,which I found out by mistake.
Had in mind to dust of my Vision Big Mama rod and thought I could fish with Vision SloMo line on some shallow areas I had planned a day before.
Afterward thinking it was a bit of luck I tangled my intermediate line so bad I thought I need to solve it out later with better time and started to fish with my SloMo line even on deeper areas but added a XXL-conehead in front of it and luckily it worked out very well.
Forecasts almost screwed up everything again.Early in the morning when I was drinking my coffee they promised 3-4 m/s wind from west and yes,it blew from west BUT 10-12 m/s was closer truth which made me change my plans couple of times,annoying......
Also water level was on the rise so yes.....had a good feeling right from the start and have a nice session after all.
All landed were jacks,probably those dropped were small too except one who almost scared the shit of me.
Was already on my way back and let my battleship drift making some casts every now and then when suddenly someone came from under my yak and hammered my fly,wasn't really focused and with just the leader and 30 cm trace wire outside the rod tip made this fight no more than maybe 10 second long and the pike took this round,not a monster but a nice maybe 6-8 kg ma'm.

Don't know why I dropped so many fishes and won't make any scientific analysis about it either,they wasn't meant for me and maybe I'll catch them another day.I had fun,end off.
Talkin about end off here I will end this post with some photos.Got me some video clips too which need to be edited before I load them  up on youtube.

Taking a break.


Life is good

Not the first one here

Wiggle wiggle...

Love this rough landscape.

Hey,that's me

Lisää kuvateksti

Calm here,windy there...

Not much left of my trace wire

I can handle this

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