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maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2015

Line up.

Couple of years ago I met a guy by an incident in a fishing shop,talked with him about fly lines and believe me since that my fly fishing hasn't been the same.
he built me two lines,one intermediate and one sink.
He built them of a DH-rod shooting line which was cut and backward attached to a running line and from the first test my casting lengths increased with several meters and even if I fail with my timing in double hauls casts were long and smooth,not the best way to learn casting but I just want to get my flies out to fishes,I don't care about right technics.
What made this line so special is that there was no normal loop to loop connection but "core line to core line" connection which made casts much smoother.
Also the backward attached shooting head cut from front had no front taper at all.

Anyway,I fished with these line for three seasons before it slowly came to it's end and it was time to get a new one,actually couple of them,Fished a lot with them and realized their potential
You can build almost what kind of lines you want,even a floating head with a sinking running line...if you feel you need one.
Have had some extra time now when my water has been ice covered so I decided to try to build couple of lines myself too,even if I don't need them yet.
First thing is to cut and weigh the shooting head.
I like heavier lines so 25 grams is ok with me.

peel of the cover.

Extract the core and cut of a half of it.

Next step is most difficult in my opinion,to get a needle attached to core line into opposite core line.

At this stage add some elastic glue on the core line.
I used Aqua sure as glue here,good stuff.

Pull from both core lines,cut the excess and voila.

Have built two more lines ready for forthcoming season.Feel very hard to back to ordinary lines after I tried out these.
Season 2015,bring it on.....

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