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keskiviikko 11. helmikuuta 2015

Time is dragging on...

Thought I could do a quick update here.
My kayak is pretty much ready for the forthcoming season.No need for any rods,reels.lines so it's just some waiting for open water now.
Anyway,I want to do something while waiting too and have solved that by looking at Google maps searching for new waters and guess what ? I have found some awesome looking venues that need to be explored,actually I have found a lot of them,so many this season might be pretty much exploring only them if I want to.Feel so excited about that.

Mentioned that nothing is badly needed before season kick of so I have also had some time to do some experimentation tying synthetics which is far from my favorites.
My opinion is that synthetics suit best for different kind of baitfish patterns so that's what I have been tied lately.
I have tied them small (10-15 cm:s) and on hook and have to admit....I believe in them,will surely get a go this season.

Two first are tied on a TMC 8089 #2 hook,all other on a Sakuma Manta 540 5/0
Have also made a tutorial which is waiting for editing,have to sort that out,(i'm new user of Imovie)

So,not much more to write about at the moment.
Two forthcoming events to wait for are GoExpo fair in Helsinki next month and now on Thursday evening a film I have waited for so long and finally my waiting is over.
I'm talking about first episode of   FLY VS JERK 6



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