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perjantai 3. tammikuuta 2014

Season opener 1/1 2014

Had me just couple of beers day before so no wonder I was early at the shoreline witness that water level was about two ft lower than at my season ending,also noticed a very tough wind around 12-14 m/s and as cherry on top it blew from a direction I knew I would not be able to fish my ordinary spots,but.....I was here with only two to choose from: Fish or go home.
I didn't go home so after 30 minutes I found myself out at the sea  in a rocky ride.
I knew that fishing would be tough and after a while training cast I managed to land my first fish of 2014 season,not a big one but hey,they all counts or ?...

At this stage I have to say that the fly you see above is turning to a "must have" one.
Very nice that also other combos has turned to deliver well,not only black/white/silver.
A color that Swedes seem to like,green/gold is also nowadays a important combo in my boxes.
This combo Copper/orange/black has fooled a lot of pikes in late autumn.
Well,back to my season opener,of course I had to try to get to that same bay where I knew almost 100% sure that some big guns would be in but I quickly saw that there's no way I could get there with my kayak in these weather conditions so I just had to fish carefully these places I could reach.

Put in cast close to the shoreline and was slowly retrieving when I felt a slightly better hit,not a massive attack but a better fish anyway,this one park her ass to bottom and I tried to rip her up.
Suddenly it happen,I dropped her without eye contact with her so there's noway I could say was it big or not,luckily it didn't felt big.
Like always after a contact I use to check my hook,leader and trace and I almost dropped my eyes to this sight.

Not the first time it happen but first time with Sakuma hook,happen also couple of years ago with a Fulling mill Scorpio hook,that time I managed to land the fish but not this time.
Wonder what went wrong,have landed hundreds of pikes with these hooks with no problem.
Manufacturing defect ???? don't know,still have faith in these hooks,everything (almost) deserve another chance.
New hook rig on after i also changed my leader,just in case.
Fished without contacts in over an hour before my next fish,very shy nibbling for a while until he hooked himself up.

Took also some landscape photos while I was wondering where to go next.

Not much to write about,my bad luck continued on my way back when my seat snapped in two pieces on my way back,well I always capable to test Wilderness Systems Warranty now.
Fished some casts on my way back to the shore with two more landed jacks before I decided to get back home.

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  1. Hí Johan, nice waters for fishing. I used the combo Copper/White with good catches. The hooks ... It´s a problem.
    The 2014 started good.