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tiistai 7. tammikuuta 2014

Fishing 4/1 2014

Gonna add some small report of my latest trip fly fishing for pike with my friend Pietro last Saturday,a small because there isn't that much to report.
Woke up of some reason 4.19 am already even if we had our meeting 9.00 at the shore but at least I had some time for breakfast.
Still I was  before 8.00 am down at the shore with my waders on,my kayak packed,in fact,everything was ready so instead of just staring out at the sea I decided to go for some fishing close to shore while waiting for my Italian friend.
Pretty tough wind was a thing I noticed as soon as I came out a bit from that sheltered place I launch my kayak from.
Didn't fish so seriously while waiting for Pietro,it was more like testing some of my new flies,no fish contacts and soon Pietro called me and I decided to meet him at the shore,but one more cast...and fish on.Not a big gun but at least we had our game on and everything looked promising.
Funny how those small jacks attack 40 cm big flies.

Anyway,I went back to the shore and we made up a plan how we gonna spend the day,had to go for some efficiency because Pietro went out with a floating tube and it's getting dark at 3 pm so we had not that much time to spent on just paddling around.
So,our plan was to go against the wind to a bay were we had some opportunities to fish bot windy and calm sides and the let the waves bring us back when we have had enough.

I was there some minutes before Pietro and decided to start from the windy side and fish systematically but all big waves and wind combined to no contacts made me change my plan to fish from the calm side while Pietro stayed hammering the windy side.
Later we noticed that there was no matter were we fished,zero hits for us both.
Moved on to a small totally calm "bay" which remind me more of a pothole with gin clear water and only 40-50 cm deep.

It felt strange to move from a raging sea to a totally calm place,felt like time stood still,so quiet,putting away my paddle sounded like a earthquake.
Fished here and saw even Pietro closing in here.
When I fish long enough without any contacts I start to loose my focusing,and that's what happen next.

I was retrieving my line thinking of this and that when I thought I saw something.
My fly was about 40cm long and every single strand suddenly disappeared in a mouth of a greedy good looking slightly better ma'm.I had her hooked for maybe 15 seconds,I would say 90-110 cm
long with a wide muscular back when she was about 1 meter from my battleship at the surface,it ended as quick as it started,BANG,she was gone and I was left fumed sitting in my kayak.
from that moment I was focused but as you can guess there was no more hits.
Also Pietro had some problems in a way of leaking waders,so we decided to slowly go back to
shore,pietro first and me after fishing some casts here and there but....nothing,it was like
fishing in a well.
Pietro already stood at the shore and me neither me saw there was any use to continue so I also paddled back and after a big cup of warm coffee we both were ready to start our way back home.
Not a easy task this but this is why it's so funny,sometimes you just get beated.

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  1. Nice words, and 2.014 started very good for you.

  2. Nice day!! lets do it again - when my waders are fixed..quite chilly otherwise :) :)

  3. Absolutely Pietro,now we also have to wait for the ice to melt 😄