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lauantai 18. tammikuuta 2014

.Go big or go home.

So the winter arrived as it always do sooner or later.Have had from -10 up to -20 degrees for more than two weeks now so there has been no fishing but all kind of activites which belong to fishing like tying flies for both me and some customer work too has been made.
Anyway,while tying flies for my own use I noticed a thing about my flies I also wrote about couple of years ago about lures,they getting bigger and bigger of some reason.

In this photo you can see the development of two very special flies and one tied lately.

The smallest fly is the one I caught my first +10 kg:s
The one in the middle is the fly that still own my PB 117 cm:s / 11.6 kg:s
The biggest one has caught a lot of + 100 cm:s

so what can we say about that ? IMO it says that you don't always have to use seagulls to catch big guns,the biggest of these three is about 40 cm and have cought a 61 cm greedy jack.
So why big flies ?
-Needs a lot of material
-Shitty to cast
-Unsure hooking without stinger hook (I'm working on it)

Actually I can't find any reasonable reason to use those big flies but of some strange reason I love to use them and that's why I do so,do what I enjoy of.
As I told you I have tied a bunch of flies as customer work too and even they have been 30-35 cm:s so it seem to be some kind of a trend to go big.
Here is some of both my own and some customer ties.

And not just same patterns,made up a simple tie that was to be tested a time ago but winter and ice destroyed that plan so no more of these before swim tests.

And finally my second attempt to a articulated fly,first one was just shit,all materials tangled round the hook.
Now,couple of years after that disaster I decided to give it a new try,totally different style this one and just like the ongoing trend it's big,46 cm.Tied on a homemade shank and a Sakuma Manta 546 hook in size #6/0,yes,only one hook,gonna try with it,made so it will be easy to add a stinger if needed,hopefully not.

Added two photos because I couldn't decide which one is better.
There's a thing that I'm gonna study too,would like to take some nice pics of landscapes,fishes and flies.

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