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lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2014

Let's tie together.

Long time since I posted anything here,have been busy with both my work and tying and also to be honest while we have ice and snow all around there's not much to write about.
I have tied hundreds of flies recent weeks but not for my own use except this one called "Red baron"

Got flies for my own use more then I need so I'm not gonna panic with more "fishing ties" but got couple of ties that has to be made for some projects.

Had last Thursday a "lecture"at my fly fishing club of tying pike flies in my way and even if I had butterflies flying around in my stomach before it was a real pleasure,I really like to tie with other people,I like to share my knowledge and learn from other tiers like now when I learned a new way to tie Craft fur,thats the best parts of tying together,sharing tips to each other.

We tied a traditional blue/white combo that should some kind of a all rounder even if it better known as a cold water pattern.
Hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did.
Next step closing in on spring is our GoExpo fair at Helsinki were i will be tying up pike flies at Espoon perhokalastajat stand.

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