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torstai 7. kesäkuuta 2012

Fishing 7 June 2012 Lovisa

Before I tell anything about fishing I´ll just have to say:FUCK YOU FORECAST MAKERS !!!!!

Forecast: Wind southwest 3-5 m/s,cloudy ---> Wind southwest at least 10 m/s !!!! sunny.Over 3 ft.high waves crowned with whitecaps
From now on I won´t even check any forecasts anymore,just a waste of time.Rather take a look out from window and then decide if it worth go out fishing.
I have so many times been disappointed and pissed of caused by those worthless clowns having their lottery about next days weather so I decided that it´s enough.

Well,back to more pleasant things like fishing.
Decided to take a trip to Lovisa with flyfishing for pike on my mind but as soon i stepped out I noticed that flyfishing could be a big challenge today so i took also my jerkbait stuff with me,it was a long time ago since I used them.

While I was driving east I felt slightly irritated because of the wind which was hmmm....let´s call it fresh.
I stopped at a gas station to get some fuel and decided to also have a cup of coffee in a try to calm down a bit.I hate to be grumpy of things that I absolutely can´t do anything about.
Thank god the coffee was good and was served by a nice and friendly lady so my mood slowly but surely rise to almost normal level and a new plan was growing in my head,Im gonna fish with jerkbaits today and I´m gonna go for the big guns.
Down at the shore I still decide to take my flyrod with me,just in case.while driving I had made decisions for some spots to fish with jerkbaits(shoot me if you feel for it but in one way it´s pretty nice to not have to worry of the winds if it´s even possible to fish).

It started pretty well,not many casts and the first one was landed but a big gun......not even close,max 50 cm (my bait was 24 cm)a greedy bugger...
Landed three pikes on the first spot but I don´t know where all big mam´s has gone,I didn´t bother measure any of them,released them in the water.

Had a coffee break and moved to the second spot but while I was driving there I suddenly had a feeling that this is a place worth trying to and with my first cast I landed not a big but at least the biggest of this trip,maybe 70 cm,didn´t measure this either.
Fished some more spots but not much to tell you about,just some small buggers now and then,every fish was landed on the windy side,all with that same Svartzonker bait.
After some hours it was time to take a lunch break.found a sheltered bay,anchor my boat and jumped on the ground and put some fire and eat some bacon wrapped sausages,yammy.....
Coffee and back on board and.....should I give it a try here in this bay? Why not,first it was meant that i should rig my flyrod but felt too lazy for that so I continued with the same jerkbait and not too many casts and once again I landed a small bugger.

Fished a while after that but lost the focus in what I was doing so I stopped fishing and slowly set my direction at home with mixed feelings.
It was nice to be out fishing and not have to think about the wind,you can always use a jerkbait,on the other hand I would have prefer flyfishing but....this time it was jerkbait fishing and hopefully flyfishing next time.

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