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lauantai 18. helmikuuta 2012

Mission tying corner

Everyone who knows me can surely say that two words,me and systematic doesn´t fit in same sentence.All of you who read this blog regularly has probably noticed that I now and then has started with different kind of cleaning or organization of my tying corner but always failed because of different reasons. Today I started to tie a fly but after I found it almost impossible to find anything from my table I suddenly just had enough. Jumped into my car and drove to a store and bought me some stuff that I thought I could use in Mission tying corner. Not much to tell about,it took me 11 hours to clean up all the mess that I started a long time ago. Here is some photos: First some pics from were I started:
I started my mission by clearing the table and then attach my "flyboard" on the wall.
Then it was time for some couple of shelves witch I bought today.This house is built in early 40´s so it was a little bit tricky because the walls was not so straight that I was hoping for but....I think they look okay :)
And this was followed by the hardest part of this mission,to sort out different materials in different boxes witch I also bought today.It took me more than a hour but finally I overcome even this part,while I was sorting I decided to change my "flyboard" to "flashboard" instead so I dont have to dig in boxes for them. Now...finally I´m ready.11.20 pm and once again I will go to sleep without some fly tying first but here´s the result of some organizing and I have to say that next time my fly tying will be much more fun.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Very nice, now you only need a place for your beer.

    1. Thnx James,fortunately I´m not a big beer fan but never say no thanks to a dash of some good whiskey and now I have plenty of room for even a bottle of Dahlwinnie 21 Y.O or Laphroaig 10 Y.O for example :)

  2. suspiciously clean tying corner. Can you keep it that way?

  3. Hi Katchu.As long as i´m working long days it will be clean but as soon I´ll get the big inspiration it will surely be a mess once again,but at least I have a photo of it how it should be look like :)