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lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

Some tying and casting

Has been a quiet moment at work so I have had time to practice my casting skills and of course do some tying too.As I told you in my last post I found a nice pattern to tie (Tobbe Hedins fly)but the last one failed totally.My first mistake was that I forgot to add a second hackle (don´t even ask how I managed to do that :)). My second mistake was the head of the fly.I know that My Muddler heads could be good looking by some practicing but it feels a bit stupid to do a lot of work and spend a lot of material first and then ruin the whole fly with a head that´s look like doggy doo. I promised some photos too and here they are including THE head :)
On the fly in my last post I added straight away some Icelandic sheep but on this one I added first a bunch of Artic Fox 2XL to get a little bigger profile
Looking good so far..Isn´t it :).But here you can clearly see my mistake :/
And then the head that ruined this fly totally.Still decided to put the photo here on my blog so you can see that it isn´t easy all the time :)
Well,after I saw this photo I decided to Find an other solution for head,still don´t know how it will be looking in future,here is one proposal:
Also noticed that it seem to be hard to find Icelandic Sheep here in Finland,very few colors,after some study at internet I found a store in Poland Taimen.com and now I´m waiting for a parcel to arrive so I can tie some more of this pattern,also have some time to solve the head problem,meanwhile....
Have also practicing my casting skills in windy conditions with my brother using big flies with a lot of wind resistance and have to say that for me it feeling better and even my brother can get a fly out for about 15 meters now when he know the basics of double hauling.

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