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perjantai 13. tammikuuta 2012

Winter time

While I´m writing this post we have finally got a blanket of snow even here in southern Finland so now I can with certainty say that my season is over and a long waiting has begun. So now there will be about 4 months time to tie flies,train my casting skills,meet friends or whatever come to my mind. Last year I felt sick not be able to go out fishing but now I feel relaxed,calm.It almost feel good to have a small break from fishing. Was here some days ago out on a windy field testing my new Vision Big Daddy rod with different lines and at same time I practiced casting in windy conditions. And guess what....I was not alone,you´ll never guess who was with me....My brother who use to fish with Jerk baits tried flycasting,and after a couple of hours training it looked okay,in fact pretty good.It was nice to see him so excited. After a short talk he bought himself a combo,the same combo that I started my flyfishing for pike with. The combo includes a Guideline ACT rod(9ft),a Guideline Reelmaster Reel and two Guideline Pike lines S3 and a floating.All in lineweight 8.Now he has trained all days and getting better all the time,looks like he has completely felt for this genre of fishing,wonder when he calls me asking to buy my old wise :). Wonder if there will be more Fly VS jerk anymore :)Anyway,I think he wait for the springtime as much as I did last year.

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  1. Hello Djuza! I just started tying tube flies (finally), so thanks for posting this!

    It’s always great to convince somebody else to start fly fishing! And I’m interested in your ‘late Christmas gift’, your ‘Big Daddy’. I’ve read a lot about it but always by people who are sponsored by Vision, or they want to sell it, so it’s hard to believe anything they have to say.
    By the way which one is it, 8#, 9# or 10#? I have a couple of good 8# rods, and certainly a couple of good 9# rods (which is my favourite weight), but I’m looking for a good 10#. So if you have some suggestions, that would be more than welcome.

  2. It's cold in England too.

    But the big female will be looking to mate in the next few months, so must get out soon.