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torstai 26. tammikuuta 2012

With little help from a friend

So now we have about 50 cm:s snow in southern Finland and we get the whole package in two weeks.I have been at work most of the time so that´s why there have been no posts lately but the forecasts have promised a break from at least the heaviest snowfalls so I might get some rest and enjoy my hobby a while. I have also been a babysitter to my oldest daughters cat Hercules and I noticed that he also enjoyed my tying and at times drove me out of my mind. At least my younger daughter had fun while she took some photo shoots. Hey man,what are you doing? May I join your company? Oh FLYTYING...very interesting.
Don´t forget to add some Bucktail....DID YOU HEAR..BUCKTAIL...stupido....
Ok,now were on right track,I`ll take a look from the other side.
Why do have to be so nervous?Calm down man,I´ll just walk here in front of your face,keep on tying.
Ok.it look like you can handle it,hope you don´t mind if I rest here on your arm while you are finishing your fly.Hurry up,I´m hungry.
Even if it wasn´t the easiest way to tie a fly I´m pleased with the result:
And one more for the road:
Here´s two variants of same model,both have Bucktail under,one covered with Big Fly Fibre the other with Body fibre.Both have a nice movement in water.After that I added some Finn-Raccoon zonker in a loop and finalized the fly with one Marabou feather palmered round the tube. Oh yes,and a pair of Glow in the dark eyes from deercreek.

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  1. Hello Djuza, great photo shoot, but I don’t believe the story. I think that the only thing the cat wanted to say was: “give me my hair back!” :)
    And I like the flies, especially the orange/green one.