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sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2011

Packing and longing for fishing.

Just read a nice news from a newspaper,a warm autumn will continue witch suits me just fine right now because I will still be busy with my job and packing before I will be able to move to Sipoo. Just hoping that this forecast is correct,very hard to belive them after so many disappointments. I cant describe how much I longing for to get out at sea and lay out some line but I just have to get this removal done first,feeling a little bit confused because I have to be prepared that there might not be any fishing this year,it´s all depending on the weather. Anyway,some good things with this removal,now when my fly-tying stuff is all packed away I suddenly get ideas after ideas to create something new like for example this: While I was packing I found my older daughters old cheerleading equipments including these....dont know the name of these but for all you fly tiers the idea should be clear ;)
The material is some kind of plastic and there is material for hundred of flies. One of my biggest aim for the long cold winter is to get those module flies to the next level ETC,ETC.... My official move-out day is December 1:st so until then there will not be any fly tying at all but I really hope for a couple of fishing sessions before the ice taking over the sea.

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  1. I really hope you can get out at least one more time! And by the way, they’re called pompons. ;)