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tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2011

Always busy......

A little bit late with this posting but have surprisingly been busy.....busy with what ? You will have the answer but first about my Sunday trip to Lovisa Archipelago with my godson. We were out at the first spot at 8.30 am and the weather was cold but sunny and almost calm so my skyhigh expectations sinked down to bottom in a minute. I felt and still feel pissed of with those forecasts,I´m just asking HOW IN HELL CAN THEY DO A FUCKIN FORECAST FOR THE NEXT SUMMER WHEN THEY STRUGGLING TO DO IT FOR THE NEXT DAY ???? Saturdays forecast promised a cloudy day added with some rain showers which mean a good weather for pikehunt,instead I see a sun shining from a blue sky without a single cloud anywhere.... SHIT !!!! We fished for hours without a single contact with any fish before my godson landed his first,he landed his second......third.........It must have been the worst trip for me for a long time and there isn´t much to tell you about it.We went home about 3 pm and I had ONE !!!! fish landed,my godson had 5 or 6,not too many he neither... So,as I told you earlier in this post I have been busy,busy with work AND........moving....Now its reality,I will be moving away from this noisy city to country to a village called Nikkilä in Sipoo.It´s a small place 35-40 km:s to east from Helsinki. Have to say I feel very happy with it but at the other hand it feels a little bit sad to think there might not be any fishing this year but I will survive that.I´m really lookin forward to move. One thing for sure is that there will not be any fly tying before I have moved in to my new place. Here is some pics from my tying corner.
And my flash board (sniiif...)
And now when we talk about being busy with both job and packing so let me introduce you my new "office" where I spend many hours every day :)
I call it my ant because of the size and the funny mirrors.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hello Djuza, I wish you good luck at your new home (and a cosy tying corner)!
    And I wonder where your secretary has to sit in that new office of yours. :)
    Oh, and by the way, did you receive my mail?

  2. Hi stefaan.Thanks.
    Guess she has to sit on my knee :).
    Sorry,yes I recived some days ago but there has been couple of days when I have forgot to check my e-mail.