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maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

Fishing 9.10 2011 and some tying

I was at work on Saturday and no hard feelings about that,tough wind with heavy rain so there would not have been any fishing anyway,tied some flies after work. Nordic Angler send me some hooks to test so I tied some flies on them and while I tied I made a decision to fish on Sunday,no matter what.Noticed that I didn`t took a photo of all flies I tied but here is some of them.
And finally one hell of a fly....Got the inspiration from Lonesome piker Stefaan Lonesome tom,god it has a nice movement in water.
Well...had a good sleep and went out on water at 11.00 am and the weather was a complete contrast to the day before,2-4 m/s wind from FUCKIN NORTH !!!! added with a nice sunshine from a clear blue sky. It was a nice autumn weather and I drove around with my boat watching for some nice places were I could find some fish God I just love our beautiful archipelago at autumn,not much to tell you about fishing I`m afraid,had only four small pikes landed in six hours,one broken fly reel and one broken spin rod,still I enjoyed my trip even if it was a short one AND maybe the last one for this season....yes that`s right,as you might understand I hate to live in the city and have now find me a nice place out in the country and I have a buyer for my city apartment and have made an offer for the new place sooooo....We will see whats gonna happen in the next few weeks.. Anyway...I want to share some photos of my new "Autumn hot spots" They look so beautifully wild and rough this time at year.
That´s all for now folks,have little mixed up feelings right now,hoping to get out at sea soon but who knows......

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  1. Hello Djuza, this is a perfect example of the beauty of internet (and having a blog). You see something from somebody else, and make your own interpretation of it. The fly you made, inspired by my ‘Lonesome Tom’ can’t have the same action, because it all depends on the head. Instead, you’ve made a tarpon style version of it. That’s just fantastic and something that I never even thought about, but I’ll certainly try it out as well!
    And your ‘autumn hot spots’ look like paradise!