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torstai 28. syyskuuta 2017

Weekend fishing Sept 16-17 and 24.Sept 2017

The reason why I put these two weekends together is that there wasn't too much action on any trip,about 25 pikes and ONE perch landed in about 40 hours is far less than what I'm used to catch this time of year.
Think the biggest reason has been very,very murky water,barely could not see the blade of your paddle so max 40 cm visibility was what I had to deal with.
Low visibility has been caused by strong winds and rains and also rotten water vegetation.
Anyway,think it's time to let this water rest for a while and travel for some clear water and actually I have a new place in mind which will be fished next Saturday.
Nothing extra ordinary to mention so will just add some pics from my two latest trips.

When fishing is slow I have noticed that I pay more attention to all kinda surroundings,Sometimes they are stunning,so stunning I forget to fish and just think how lucky I am to be able to be out here.

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