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maanantai 11. syyskuuta 2017

Fishing Sept.9 2017

Forecasts promised interesting weather for Saturday,calm in the morning and increasing wind later on,one thing that was continuing was rain,rain from morning to late night.
My plan was to go for perch in morning and for pike later on in windy conditions but as usually plans rarely come true.
Had a shitty hard week at work so at the time I planned to paddle out I sat in my kitchen sippin some coffee watching the pouring rain from my window but even if I was a bit late I still went out at 7.30 pm.
Still no wind so I decided to go for perch as long as it seemed to be reasonable,not even rigged my pike gear.
Maybe ten casts and I landed a small perch but after that it was all about pike,even if I tried to catch perch,pikes were really feeding and I think I landed + 30 of them with only 3 perch on the other side of the scoreline.
Pikes were overall small pocket size except for one decent sized.

These kind of fishes is the main reason why I use trace wire and strong hooks even when I fish for perch.
At some time I noticed that even if I had a new wading jacket it wasn't meant for this kinda weather and after maybe 6-7 hours I started to feel I was gettin wet even on the inside of my clothes which in turn made me to feel cold too.
Decided there was no idea going on when I wasn't enjoying what I was doing but for some reason I still grabbed my rod to do those famous "just couple of casts more" only 100 meters from the dock when I felt a heavy bite on the fly and this time it wasn't a pike.
I knew it had to be a big perch because of the bend on my rod and soon I had a good perch landed,quick measure and scaling and yes,my third +1 kg perch for the season was a fact,Mother Nature rewarded me for my patience,thanks for that.
Didn't wanted to push my luck further,good to stop fishing after this.

I was naturally very happy for the experience I had,I was totally soaked,took me hours to reach my normal temp but lying under a warm blankie at home I knew I would remember this day a long time.

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  1. I love fishing too. Hope I can catch such huge fishes next time.

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