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torstai 24. elokuuta 2017

Fly tying

Yes,among all fishing there has been some fly tying too,including testing new models,materials,colors,hooks etc,etc.
And of course I have offered more thoughts on perch flies too,thanks for tips go to Daniel Bergman from Fly-Dressing and his awesome perch flies on   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnDj4GODT_QrG3eWa8wcZtGJEngUonEnP

So many new materials on the market now I can't remember but Ripple ice fiber and Predator dubbing has been in very active use for me

Also tried some new hooks,Vision/Partridge Big Mama and Big Daddy hooks,Think it's similar to Universal predator hooks,green and red colors looks pretty good in many ties.Have made hook rigs of them too,no complains so far.

For me the the biggest "new" hook in use has absolutely been Partridge Extreme Predator Lock bend X in 5/0 size,to be honest this model has been a true "day saver" for me.

The location I have fished this season has been conquered of a ridiculos amount of lily pads,not only close to shore,they are fuckin everywhere.
A double-edged sword,challenging to fish but they also offer a good covering for big fishes too.
Ordinary hook flies use to get snagged all the time so flies tied on these hooks has been a good solution.
Tried them also on hook rigs but imo the work better as ordinary flies.

As you can see on pics upper it's hard to get a "clean run" .Spots are hot so a solution had to be made,got some friends who gave me some cool tips tying on that very short shank.

I have actually fished almost the whole season with these four flies,at the moment one of them is so worned out that I have tied a replacement for it but basically fished 85 % with these when it's about pike fishing.
I really like this pattern so I tied some on ordinary hooks too,just haven't had many opportunities to fish with them so far.

Even if I have fished with very few models lately I have tied different patterns which I hope to be able to fish later on this season,especially I hope to be able to use both wiggle and dragon tails much more than what I have done so far.

Finally some perch flies,I'm not an expert on them so I have mostly tied patterns I've seen from Youtube,I have made some small changes on some patterns which I've thought could improve things.just about to make a video of it and also some more practice needed before I will release it.
Anyway it's nice to tie some other flies than just pike flies too.

So simply to tie but so effective,use to tie these on Partridge Attitude streamer size #2 or TMC 811s size #2
If I had to choose only one hook my choice would be TMC because of  all big pikes hiding and hunting in same areas,a hook  bit thicker in goods combined with 0.50 mm fluorcarbon and a 20 lb trace wire makes me feel more comfortable if a bigger "non target" would be too interested in these 5-7 cm buggers.

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