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sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017

Fishing Aug.26 2017

Have been fishing mostly by myself this season so it was nice to get some company for some change.
Decided with my friend to get out early in the morning and so we did.
Forecasts had promised some hard wind and rain later on but at least 7.30 am we had a most wonderful morning with a blue sky,some clouds and barely no wind at all,a bit chilly though,well,Autumn is on it's way so.....

Increasing wind.

Early morning,things looked good at this moment

Last weekend water temp was almost 21 degrees so I thought that we could go for perch,we fished for a while but no bites,noticed that water temps had dropped a lot in just a week,only 15.5 degrees now,well,we had some cold mornings so no wonder.
Also wind was about to increase so we changed to pike gear instead.
After a while the promised 6 m/s was a joke,it must have been at least 13-14 m/s,paddling was a pain in the ass,not to mention casting flies,also the water was very murky.e
We decided to give up hope for the big ones and headed in to the reeds instead,it was a must situation if we wanted to continue fishing-
Even among the reeds fishing was difficult,wind and rain was heavy and next struggle we ran into was those lily pads,if the amount of them was out of this world in the middle of the bay,here among the reeds it was out of the universe,8/10 casts you were snagged.
Don't actually know what happen but in a short time I first saw some perches followed my fly and soon after that my friend had a rough bite on his fly but the pike came off.
I also dropped couple of fishes when I suddenly felt a soft smooth take on my fly,felt almost like I was snagged for a second before I noticed it was a fish,and not justa a fish,it was a perch very close to my PB on fly.
Short fight,quick pic and release --> close to my PB but not there yet.

Almost a PB.

Weather turned out out from nasty to strange....10-15 m/s,heavy rain showers.A minute after it was totally calm with a bit of sun too.
You was just about to start enjoy the fishing again when wind increased again and rain start to hammer us again.
Well,It wasn't the most enjoyable weather so we just fished,fished and fished without too many breaks,who want to sit and have a break in heavy wind and cold rain,I landed some small pikes and dropped some too,my friend dropped some before he finally managed to land one,that was my aim target,he's first trip of the season.Now I was ready to quit for today.
We fished our way back to the shore with not much to report,I landed a small jack

hard work pays off

Fishing was kinda slow but company was great,now it's time to figure out some material issues,need a new fly line and also got some ideas of some flies I wanna tie.
Also a Railblaza camera pole will be mounted for next weekend.

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