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torstai 18. elokuuta 2016

Tube flies for Autumn

So,as I wrote in my last post Autumn is just around the corner and for me or actually my fishing it's time for big tube flies.
Not so long ago I fished only tube flies but have noticed lately that ordinary hook flies have been nice to fish in warm conditions but when water gets cold and I need very slow retrieving an long stops in shallow water tubes have been better in my opinion.

My summer fishing has been good,in fact I'm very pleased with so many good fights and  good sized pikes to dream about when winter takes over later on.

I'm very excited at the moment,summer fishing is nice in it's own way,I mean sunny weather,warm summer nights,paddling around in shorts and T-shirt and as I mentioned,I had some good fights and fishes too but there's so many cool things in Autumn fishing too.Rain,hard winds and cold weather and water,which force you to think your fishing all over again,different type of flies,lines,fishing techniques and even places sometimes,no wonder why I never get bored fishing for pike.

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