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tiistai 16. elokuuta 2016

Closing in for Autumn season.

Water temps have slowly but surely start to drop and summer season coming to an end which open the door for the autumn fishing.
Summer fishing have been spent and exploring a new venue,in fact,I have been fishing my regular waters only once this summer.This new venue is the same which me and my friend "found" last fall and I have systematically enlarged that venue this summer and with results I'm pretty happy with,got high hopes for the forthcoming fall season.

Once again I have been a bit lazy to update this blog and once again I promise myself to do a bit better on that.
Have been doing a lot of exploring myself on the venue but three latest trips have been with a team mate from Wildy fishing.

It has been very nice to explore this beautiful area through the summer and I can't wait for some rain,wind and cold water.

Autumn,bring it on.

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