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maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2016

Fly tying while waiting for open water.

As the winter just go on and on and I  becoming more restless day by day it has been important to find yourself something to do.
Like all other years it has been different kind of preparing for the forthcoming season.
This winter it has been a lot of fly tying,have been very excited about tying different flies of bucktail,Hollows,Bulkheads etc,etc...
Have get some nice tips how to improve my tying and after some flies I have been very pleased how my hollows turned out from a bit bulky overdressed flies to airy easy casting flies with good movement.
Nice to get bases on track and start some variations too.

As I can't go fishing there has been a lot of tying and just showing you some of my new flies.
Soon I started to do some variations like tying articulated decivers too,just to have also some bigger flies if needed.

As you can see I haven't forgot wiggle tails,why should I,they saved so many trips for me last season.
Just to not make things boring I have also tied some other patterns too,old and always reliable flash flies on tube,not that I need any new but for mental reasons and to test some flash I received from
http://www.predatorflyfishing.be/ I really like those colors,especially the red/black.

Have to add couple more...

Updated a pattern which base I learned on a fly tying course last year,or actually I just downdressed it a bit to suit my fishing better.

An articulated with two hooks,not a big fan of using doubles but good to have couple of them in your box too.

My biggest interest and hope lying on a pattern which I saw in a Finnish Facebook group and this is something I really believe in.
It's originally a variation from Bob Popovics Beast but the version I saw was a mix of Niklaus Bauers "black bream" and the Beast (not sure about the history here...)
Anyway,there was a awsome SBS description on that Finnish site and here's some results,I made some small modifications on some of them.

There's a lot more these are my favorites,while writing this post the mailman brought me a package I had waited for,Bob Popovics new book which I can recommend to all,awesome description about materials,techniques and different patterns,tying tips etc,etc...

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