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sunnuntai 28. helmikuuta 2016

Mounting issues.

Well,while writing this our weather constantly changing from warm and sunny to cold and snowy,very annoying when waiting for a possibility to get out test paddle my new battleship.
But not that I just sitting and waiting for the ice to melt,there has been something going on too.
My journey with my Hobie PA 14 last for only couple of months,it will soon head for another home and I will be with my old reliable Jackson Big rig which is ready to hit the water and my new Jackson Kilroy DT which is almost ready for the maiden voyage.

For some strange reason it has felt very difficult to add anything to my Kilroy,my ideas have been so strange that I find it hard to believe it myself too but the most important things,anchor trolleys are there so only some small adjustments need to be done.

Talking about issues here is a good example,struggling with were to put my paddle while fishing,here's some different ideas for solutions.

I was planning something like this but as with the camera mount I started with some stupid,difficult solutions and ended up with the easiest possible way.

And if this ain't good enough I'll found out something different,point is that I want to keep this simple  and not want to add millions of things were my fly line can be tangled.

Here is my final mount for my rear cam,it's on a RAM mount so it can be mounted anywhere on any track on my kayak,also on those aluminium supports in middle.

At some point I will get even the cam arm behind me built of Ram mounts parts,even if they cost a bit they are solid and made for this kinda use.

Anchor trolley,not many possibilities how to mount,difference to my other yaks is that on this,like i had on My Hobie there will be anchor trolleys on both sides,even same anchor release system like I had on my Hobie,easy and fast to change anchoring side if needed.

Normal cleats on both sides to lock the rope,easy to mount,easy to use and cheap,kinda like that...

This kayak will be transported upside down on my roof racks so there can't be any permanent mountings on the deck side,something to think about too when mounting.

Added some decals too,not necessary but looks cool imo =D 

Not only mounting,also removed couple of things,Fish grips !!!!!! coming free with this kayak but will not be used,not by me,never !!!
also removed line cutters from the seat,as I have mentioned so many times,fly lines got a tendency to tangle on every possible place,even on non possible places,last place I want my fly line to be snagged is on a line cutter.

Removed items.

Now thinking of a solution of the wing nut that tighten the seat,almost sure it will cause problems with fly casting if nothing will be done.

Not much more to tell you about at the moment,there has been a LOT of tying lately,need to do a whole new post about that.

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