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perjantai 12. joulukuuta 2014

Season over...NOT !!!

Funny how quickly things can change.In this case I'm talking about the weather,two weeks ago we had temps low as -8 degrees and since then it has bee all from + 2 to +5 degrees which has forced me to think that the season is far from over again.
Had already give up hope of more fishing this year and stored my Big Rig for the winter but looking at next weekend forecast with temps up to +5 degrees and raising water level made me  take some steps backward for more fishing  and also long terms forecasts has promised some warm weather at least until Christmas so I feel pretty happy at the moment,winds might be an issue but we'll have to wait and see.

As I told you I had already stored my yak for the winter and immediately after washing and cleaning I started to outfit it a bit with echo sounder and some smaller  things like decals for example,also some work with the anchor trolley will be done.

I'm working on a solution for my transducer,got a Garmin echo sonar but the transducer kit for the drain hole is made for Lowrance so some small changes has to be done before mounting.
But at the moment is all preparing for some weekend fishing.

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