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sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

Kayak fishing,a lifestyle.

As I wrote about three seasons ago kayak fishing turned to my absolute favorite method after a very short time and even if I still fish a lot from boat it still remain No.1 method for me.

Three seasons with three different yaks but this Jackson Big Rig seem to be the best so far built for just fishing with a incredible stability.

Fishing from a yak has change my fishing from performing to more relaxing and enjoying  of  all surrounding too,don't get me wrong here,I enjoy also fishing from boat but in a different way,it's more about just fishing there.
Could put it this way,fishing from a boat is fishing and fishing from a yak is a more comprehensive experience.
In a kayak I see my ordinary spots in a totally different way which is funny because I have fishing same area for years now.
Anyway,I'm now officially a team member of Regional Jackson kayak fishing team and will
meet other Kayak anglers in a contest in Sweden in end of October.
The contest is in southern parts of Sweden in Karlskrona at http://www.pikestrikesweden.com/index.php .
Should be one of the best pike areas in Europe so feeling very excited about this.

Have had some trips done too but to be honest pikes haven't been too much of Co-operative lately.
Actually don't care too much,some days are better and some days worse.
Last Wednesday was pretty good with six landed jacks in two hours.
Made a small video clip of it.Kayak fishing is becoming more to a lifestyle then only a fishing method.


Forthcoming two months will be preparing for the contest but without any stress for success,just waiting for awesome waters,an adventure.

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